Excavator Rock Buckets

Due to our strong reputation, our Rock Buckets are regarded as one of the strongest and most durable rock buckets in the Melbourne market.

Our Rock Buckets for sale are designed for use on high compact materials such as earth and rock, sand, sandy loam, gravel and dense clay.

There are different buckets in the construction world, but there is only one rock bucket.

Ideal for sifting and sorting material, the rock bucket is also commonly used for clearing stones from farm fields and taking away the debris from jobsites. As a rule, they retain rock and debris while they dig.

Available with different features, there is one for your different needs. To further strengthen their specifications, there are some that have attachments for specific types of material or construction activity. Some attachments enable the equipment to handle rocks, concrete debris and other bulky material with ease. What’s good about them is that they are engineered to be robust and they have really tough, high carbon solid steel tines with heavy-duty support plates to ensure years of worry-free service.

With the right kind of bucket, you will definitely save on hours, and effort because of the efficient handling of the various materials that it would encounter. This becomes possible with really tough high carbon abrasion resistant solid steel lines, an integrated “rock dam” which supports its ability to contain material when it is picked up. An integrated “rock well” which strategically contains the collected rocks at the same time you gather additional rocks, and different tine spacing that allows the soil to sift through the debris that were retained.

A good rock bucket in Melbourne can be provided by a direct supplier. These tools are versatile and are ready to adapt to any material that need to be excavated. They usually come in various sizes and widths and can be bought with or without the convenient bolt-on mounts. These buckets are good for use in the agricultural, landscape, and construction industries. For further support, the finger tines that spaced with 3 inches gap allow the dirt and sand gravel fall while other rocks are collected in the skeletal bucket. These rocks are kept from rolling out freely because they ride the curve-shaped pocket. Such features are great for sifting, sorting, and screening materials of different types and sizes.

For beach clean-ups, picking up of rocks, landscaping, and the usual job-site cleanup, some buckets come in four different sizes, which match its size to the size of the skid-steer, and the actual task that you need to finish.
Because they were engineered for strength and durability, some buckets have become the preferred tools for sorting rocks from the soil, cleaning up debris, and other general use when a tines bucket is required.

When choosing your equipment, choose the super-tough, high carbon, abrasion-resistant, solid-steel tines that certainly keep materials from the sliding out of the bucket. These buckets are available in various sizes and widths. Some even come with tine diameters and spacing that lets the soil sift while retaining larger materials.

Having said all those features, your dream bucket can improve productivity. However, with the incorrect information about the materials involved, your equipment would be totally useless. So plan your activities well, and know your project best.

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