Excavator Attachments Melbourne

At Steelform Engineering / Excavator Buckets Direct, we think efficiency and productivity are two important pillars of earthmoving projects. Our earthmoving attachments are designed to improve performance and productivity at your worksite.

Established for over 20 years, we are a leading manufacturer of excavator attachments based in Melbourne. We deliver to Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Northern Territory and other parts of Australia.

What sets our attachments apart from the rest is the innovative design and superior build quality. Made of high-grade steel and boasting cutting edge design, our attachments fit the needs of a variety of industries to boost productivity.

Our attachments have been engineered by experts and equipped with right technology and techniques. We ensure that all our products meet Australian standards and have a practical design.

Excavator attachments can make a huge difference to your products and budget. Our earthmoving attachments are made to last longer and from high strength steel which helps in reducing the overhead expenses while improving productivity.

We are Australia’s trusted company when it comes to industry-leading excavator attachments as our products have set an unmatched benchmark in quality.

Unsure of what to choose?

Our excavator attachments for sale are specially engineered heavy equipment that are ideal for sorting or digging up a wide variety of earth materials like soil, rocks, bricks, rubbles, cement, wastes and many more. This earthmoving equipment is attached to a lifting hook or crane at the end of an excavating vehicle. It is widely used in several mid-scale and large-scale constructions due to its ability to perform strenuous and challenging tasks in the construction sector.

Below are some important guidelines to help you pick an excavator attachment:

  • Choose an attachment that is made and crafted from high quality materials which can operate under high abrasion conditions. It should be high tensile, abrasion-resistant, solid steel and heavy duty that can last for several years. Make sure to buy an attachment which has protective layers against abrasions for maximum strength and durability. To prevent immediate wear and tear it is most recommended to buy something that is of top quality.
  • Purchase an attachment that have a tine spacing option to allow various sorting applications. Most sorting buckets in the market have 4-10 inches tine spacing.
  • Research for the most reliable heavy machine makers in Melbourne. Compare their products and their prices as well. Only choose among reputable manufacturer to ensure durability of the product. It is also helpful to read product reviews and consumer feedback to make a smart and practical buy. This way, you can get the most value for your money knowing that the equipment is sure to last for a long time.
  • Purchase excavator attachments from manufacturers that offer repair, warranty and maintenance. This way, you can be sure that whenever the attachment gets broken because of poor quality, you can still have it replaced or they can repair it for you.
  • It is recommended to buy from makers that sell all common attachments and spares of their machines and equipment.

Check our range of Excavator attachments:

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